Our Angel (Part : 2)

Love Stories

Nandini got her conscious back after an hour. She was on hospital bed and Manik was sitting beside her on stool , clasping her hand.

He passed her a smile and leaned forward to kiss her forehead. “How are you ?” He asked concernedly.

“Hubby , I’m fine. Where is our chotu baby ? Is it a boy or a girl ?” She asked excitedly and Manik was just smiling at her.

“Chotu Baby girl.” He told her and gently kissed her hand.

“Wow.. , baby girl. Hubby , I want to meet her.” She shouted in excitement. Manik stood up and helped Nandini to sit with support of pillows. Then he went to another side of the bed where their princess was sleeping in the cradle , wrapped in the white cloth. Manik picked her in his arms carefully and she yawned in sleep. Manik kissed her forehead. Nandini…

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